The Church of All Saints

Apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter | Minneapolis, MN

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The Church of All Saints is a parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis staffed by priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP).

The Masses and Sacraments are offered in the Usus Antiquior (pre-concilliar use) of the Roman Rite.

Sunday Parking Lot Mass

9:30 AM Sunday – Public drive-in Mass at Flaherty's Arden Bowl. Zoom details will be sent through Flocknote shortly before Mass begins. 

Live-streamed and Recorded FSSP Masses are available daily at Live Mass! You can also follow these links to the Propers of the Mass and the traditional Divine Office (in English and Latin).

Monday – Saturday Mass

6:30 AM, Monday thru Friday
12:15 PM, Monday thru Thursday
7:00 PM, Friday

Please note only 10 people can be in the church at a time. Sign up here. 

Adoration and Confession

Sign up for Holy Mass, Confession, and Adoration

Please note only 10 people can be in the church at one time.

Public Mass Resumes May 18

Only 10 people can be in the church at a time. We will be distributing Holy Communion to those who attend Mass, but we will not be giving Communion outside of Mass. On Ascension Thursday, May 21st there will be additional Adoration in the evening. Parking Lot Mass on Sundays will continue until the church can be open for all.

Please Consider Online Giving

Enrollment in Online Giving is more important than ever during these weeks ahead. Even though All Saints may not be as open in the typical ways, the work of caring for souls, as well as the sacramental and prayer life of the Church, continues. Bills still need to be paid and projects need to be cared for/maintained so that we can be up and running just as soon as possible when this sickness is over (may it be soon!)

The chance to count money is diminished when employees are asked to stay away, so please consider online giving. All contributions are tabulated and will be included in future editions of the bulletin, which will also be emailed out to everyone in PDF form using our Flocknotes software.