March 14, 2020 – 5:25 PM
Dear Parishioners and Friends of the Church of All Saints,

In light of new information surrounding COVID-19 and local church and government actions regarding it, we wish to communicate the following information:

Archbishop Hebda has dispensed with the obligation to attend Holy Mass for the time being.

Sunday and weekday Masses will continue to be offered as usual for the time being.

However, out of courtesy for others, those who are experiencing or showing symptoms of sickness should be considerate of others and avoid Mass and waiting in line for Confession.  (Editor’s addition: Perhaps this also applies to those who have recently been exposed to others who were showing symptoms.)

Our Sunday Social, announced earlier this week on this platform, is cancelled.

For those in First Communion class, Sister will still be offering the class this Sunday.  However, as an alternative plan, they will also record the class and will email it out in the coming day or two for those who would feel more comfortable staying away.

Just a reminder that, even if watching Holy Mass online does not count as “attending Mass,” it is still a pious and beautiful thing to do for those who cannot make it to Mass in person (or those who should avoid doing so). One can find, simply in the prayers and ceremonies, much nourishment for prayer; one can offer God the homage of one’s heart, joined with the Church’s liturgy!

For the FSSP’s Live-Streamed Mass, please click the blue rectangle below.  Other good ways of praying on Sundays could include praying the Propers of the Mass, parts of the Divine Office, and of course the family Rosary.

We will continue to stay in touch with you regarding any developments as they come.  God bless you! Let us pray for one-another!