Current Church laws binds anyone between the ages of 21-59 to the fast, which permits for one (meatless) meal and two lighter supplements; eating between meals is not permitted; water, black coffee, or tea do not break the fast. Abstinence from meat and meat products applies to anyone 14 years and older.

Fasting is obligatory on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday; abstinence from meat (and meat products) applies to all Fridays of Lent. Nonetheless, please note that succulent lobster dinners or similar culinary piscatorial endeavors, while strictly keeping with the abstinence, tend not to be in its spirit.

While the Church does provide us with a minimum, all are most encouraged to employ additional penances or fasting throughout the season of Lent as we recall to mind the extent of our Lord’s sufferings on our behalf and in preparation for Easter. Traditionally, all days of Lent were days of fast (except Sundays) and partial abstinence from meat.