With not being able to attend Holy Mass, this season’s Sacred Music, from the rich patrimony of the Church’s treasures, might escape us. To avoid that unfortunate situation, the following are some titles of pieces and their links so that you might prayerfully listen to them as if you were hearing them here at All Saints.

O Vos Omnes – Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548 – 1611) O all you who walk by on the road, pay attention and see: if there be any sorrow like my sorrow. Pay attention, all people, and look at my sorrow: if there be any sorrow like my sorrow.

Miserere Mei – Gregorio Allegri (1582 – 1652) The entirety of Psalm 50…

Seven Last Words of Christ – Cesar Franck (1822 – 1890)

Ecce Quomodo Moritur Justus – Jacob Handl (1550-1591)  Behold how the righteous man dies and no one understands. Righteous men are taken away and no one considers. The righteous man has been taken away from present iniquity and his memory shall be in peace. As a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth: He was taken from prison and from judgement. And his memory shall be in peace.

Miserere Nostri – Thomas Tallis (1505-1585)  Have mercy on us Lord, have mercy on us..

Crucifixus – Antonio Lotti (1667-1740)  He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate, He suffered and was buried.