The All Saints Homeschool Co-op will begin a new year next year and you are invited. This program meets on most Fridays from September through May (not January) over at the St. Mark’s campus in Saint Paul for ages 3 to 18. Some details of the program include:

In the Mornings:

  • Beautiful Pre-K instruction offered, in-part, by our FLM Sisters
  • Six different age-level Catechism classes, (taught exclusively by our FSSP priests and Filiae Laboris Mariae Sisters) on a two-year rotation to age groups of two years. Catechism 1: Old and New Testament, Catechism 2: The Church, Sacraments, and Spiritual Life, Catechism 3: Morals and Virtues, Catechism 4: The Old Testament indepth, Catechism 5: The Liturgy and Divine Office, Catechism 6: Apologetics (Faith, Reason, and Scripture) Note: Latin will be incorporated into the Catechism classes to the 6 – 9 year-olds
  • Sacred Music and Gregorian Chant instruction with the chance to sing at weekly High Masses.
  • The opportunity to participate in our 5-year rotating Elementary Science program. This next year is Zoology 1 – Flying Creatures. The Middle School Science program will be offering Physical Science. Those students not wishing to take Science through us will have the chance to take a Gym class, taught by Mr. Michael Hagler, learning about a variety of sports and incorporating fitness in a fun setting.
  • Our high school-aged children will be able to take Logic and Philosophy from an excellent tutor.
  • High Mass will be offered each week at the Church of Saint Mark’s.
  • Pizza will be available for lunch along with a good long time for socialization and fun. After that some families leave, while those who stay will be able to take the following:

In the Afternoons:

  • Theatrical works broken down by age groups, Advanced Apologetics, Writing, Art, (maybe even Iconography (TBD)), a Stella Maris Girls club (led by the Sisters) and a St. Dominic Savio Boys club,
  • Sports teams (Soccer in the Fall, Basketball after Thanksgiving, Baseball or Track in the Spring), and more.

The All Saints Co-op seeks to help homeschooling families by providing solid, traditional Catholic catechesis that helps mold the lessons and discussions for the week, provide choral and theatrical opportunities not possible at home, to assist with Science, (an area in which many parents have expressed a desire for help) and structured help with writing skills so that our young people can be better evangelists and lights to a darkened world. This is all done in a family friendly environment filled with like-minded Catholic friends and good cheer with plenty of calm space to also just enjoy friendship together. Families can sign up for as little or as much as they need/desire, with Catechism, Choir, and Mass being the only core essentials. Registrations will begin in the next few weeks. To learn more, continue reading the bulletin and/or contact Director Jacob Flaherty for more information or to schedule a conversation to address any questions you have. You may also approach the Co-op Board Members listed to the left as well.

God bless you!