Our All Saints Homeschool Co-op has gotten off to a really good, smooth, peaceful start. This past Friday was our fourth week together.

Last week Fr. Pelster celebrated a High Mass in honor of the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels with our children’s choirs singing. The priests, sisters, and seminarian Cedric Cortez all teach Catechism to our young people. Sr. Marie Immaculee teaches music to the elementary boys and girls, while Mr. Jacob Flaherty works with the older students.

We have a soccer team consisting of 30+ boys ages 8 – 13 and are gaining considerable experience from coach Mr. Michael Hagler.

The sisters, along with parental assistance, are running a very beautiful Stella Maris Girls Guild. Mrs. Mara Poole is working on a Nativity Play with many of the younger children. Mrs. Rosanne Freitag and Mrs. Jessica Soden are running very successful catechetical programs for our 3 – 5 year-old students. Many good friendships with like-minded Catholic friends and peers are being had by children and parents alike.

We also welcomed new Board members this year and met for the first time this past Monday. Our 2020-2021 Co-op Board Members are Jacob Flaherty, Brett Thoreson, Chad Cmejla, Michael Hagler, Stephanie Skulley, Jeni Bradac, and Sibyl Niemann. If you are interested in learning more about our Co-op, reach out to us at allsaintshomeschoolcoop@gmail.com.