Parish Lenten Mission: April 4 – 6

The Parish Lenten Mission is scheduled for April 4-6, preached by Fr. John Perricone. A priest from the metro-New York area for almost 45 years, Fr. Perricone is an experienced retreat-master, professor, and homilist; some of his retreats, lectures, and recollections can be found at All are encouraged to attend all or part of the mission, and bring your friends!

The daily mission program is the same as the monthly recollections, with two sermons, exposition, Rosary and Benediction. The mission schedule is as follows:

Thursday and Friday, April 4/5
6:30 PM Low Mass
7:30-9:00 PM Mission

Saturday, April 6
9:00 AM Low Mass
10-11:30 AM Mission

Fr. Perricone will also preach at the Masses on Sunday, April 7, and offer the solemn Mass at 10:30 AM.

Monthly Recollection – Saturday, March 16

The next monthly recollection is scheduled for this Saturday, March 16, from 10-11:30 AM. These recollections consist of two sermons on a related topic, with exposition, the Rosary, and Benediction, with confession available as well. This month’s recollection will evidently be themed to the Lenten season, so consider attending and get Lent off to a good start.

St. Joseph’s Day – Tuesday, March 19

St. Joseph’s Day is Tuesday, March 19. Along with the noontime Mass, there will be a solemn high Mass that evening at 7:30. We will welcome Fr. Tim Cloutier from Maternity of Mary Church to offer the Mass. Please consider attending one of the Masses in honor of the most chaste spouse of Our Lady, foster-father to our Lord, and patron of the universal Church, a model of both manhood and fidelity.

Rules for Fast and Abstinence

Current Church laws binds anyone between the ages of 21-59 to the fast, which permits for one (meatless) meal and two lighter supplements; eating between meals is not permitted; water, black coffee, or tea do not break the fast. Abstinence from meat and meat products applies to anyone 14 years and older.

Fasting is obligatory on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday; abstinence from meat (and meat products) applies to all Fridays of Lent. Nonetheless, please note that succulent lobster dinners or similar culinary piscatorial endeavors, while strictly keeping with the abstinence, tend not to be in its spirit.

While the Church does provide us with a minimum, all are most encouraged to employ additional penances or fasting throughout the season of Lent as we recall to mind the extent of our Lord’s sufferings on our behalf and in preparation for Easter. Traditionally, all days of Lent were days of fast (except Sundays) and partial abstinence from meat.

First Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2

Among his other promises to those who devoutly assist at Mass on First Friday in reparation to His Sacred Heart, Our Lord said that He would give special graces to priests to reach hardened souls. The First Saturdays are kept in reparation for the blasphemies and offenses against our Lady’s Immaculate Conception, her perpetual virginity, her divine and spiritual Maternity, her sacred images, and neglect of parents to foster devotion to her in their children. All are most encouraged to attend Mass and devotions these days.

Additional Prayers at Mass

Upon making some inquiries with the archdiocesan office of worship and getting a favorable response, additional collects will be added at the Sunday Masses. These were formerly prescribed before 1962, and included a prayer for our Lady’s intercession or for the suffrage of all the saints, and then a third either for the well-being of the Pope or for protection of the Church against her enemies. Given the present-day trials the Church endures, there is no more fitting way than to implore God’s assistance than from the altar at Holy Mass. Please unite your own sentiments for the Church’s welfare and interior healing with these prayers.

As of Septuagesima, the following prayer for the suffrage of the saints is added, along with one at the priest’s choice:

Defend us, we beseech Thee, O Lord, from all dangers of mind and body. And through the intercession of the blessed and glorious Mary, ever Virgin, Mother of God, of St. Joseph, of Thy Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and of all the saints, in Thy loving kindness grant us safety and peace; that, all adversities and errors being overcome, Thy Church may serve Thee in security and freedom.