Catholic Homeschool Moms’ Night Out

“A Catholic Homeschooling Panel of Experience”

7-9 pm; Tuesday, October 4, 2022 in Schuler Hall

Looking to find a supportive and encouraging community of Catholic homeschooling moms in the Twin Cities? Would you like to make in-person connections with other moms who have chosen Catholic homeschooling for their families? Do you have questions about the many facets of homeschooling?

The homeschool co-op at the Church of Saint Agnes invites all current/new/aspiring homeschooling moms to a Catholic Homeschool Moms’ Night Out on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 from 7-9 pm. The title of the event is “A Catholic Homeschooling Panel of Experience.” A small panel of homeschooling moms will share their experiences with the group as well as field your questions on a multitude of topics like curriculum, planning, schooling with infants/littles, schooling with learning disabilities, different co-op experiences, etc… Nursing babies are welcome! RSVPs are not required, but are appreciated. Please email

Homeschool Co-op Update

Our Homeschool Co-op year is now two-weeks in. Many thanks to all the tutors who have so generously given their time and to the many families who have come together. We currently have six different levels of catechism classes being offered by our priests and sisters, five different choir/music classes, and many other offerings. To learn more, contact the Board at

All Saints Homeschool Co-op Registration

The All Saints Homeschool Co-op will begin a new year next year and you are invited. This program meets on most Fridays from September through May (not January) over at the St. Mark’s campus in Saint Paul for ages 3 to 18. Registration is coming soon; stay tuned!