Nativity Play

The All Saints Homeschool Co-op is planning an evening of two different kinds of plays, and you are invited! Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 12. At 5:00 PM many of our elementary-aged students will present a Nativity Play. Later in the evening many of our older students will present several short comedic one-act plays. A meal will be served in-between. We hope you can join us!

Homeschool Co-op

Our All Saints Homeschool Co-op has gotten off to a really good, smooth, peaceful start. This past Friday was our fourth week together.

Last week Fr. Pelster celebrated a High Mass in honor of the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels with our children’s choirs singing. The priests, sisters, and seminarian Cedric Cortez all teach Catechism to our young people. Sr. Marie Immaculee teaches music to the elementary boys and girls, while Mr. Jacob Flaherty works with the older students.

We have a soccer team consisting of 30+ boys ages 8 – 13 and are gaining considerable experience from coach Mr. Michael Hagler.

The sisters, along with parental assistance, are running a very beautiful Stella Maris Girls Guild. Mrs. Mara Poole is working on a Nativity Play with many of the younger children. Mrs. Rosanne Freitag and Mrs. Jessica Soden are running very successful catechetical programs for our 3 – 5 year-old students. Many good friendships with like-minded Catholic friends and peers are being had by children and parents alike.

We also welcomed new Board members this year and met for the first time this past Monday. Our 2020-2021 Co-op Board Members are Jacob Flaherty, Brett Thoreson, Chad Cmejla, Michael Hagler, Stephanie Skulley, Jeni Bradac, and Sibyl Niemann. If you are interested in learning more about our Co-op, reach out to us at

Homeschool Co-op Begins September 18

We WILL be meeting this coming year.

Holy Mass, catechism, choir, and some other supplemental classes and activities will be meeting over at St. Mark’s starting on Friday, September 18th.

If you are enrolled make sure you are signed up to receive announcements under the Homeschool Co-op Flocknote page. Much more will be sent out in the coming days.

Home School Coop Registration has begin

The All Saints Homeschool Co-op registration has begun. For more information visit,

We meet on most Fridays from September-December and February-May at the secure St. Mark’s campus in St. Paul, (near the University of St. Thomas).

Here are some highlights on what is offered:

  • A Traditional version of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to 3-5 year olds,
  • Sisters teaching Catechism classes to all students ages 6-9 and girls 10-18,
  • Priests teaching Catechism classes to all boys 10-18, +Choir/music classes for all students, including instruction in Gregorian Chant, Polyphony, Music Theory and Music History,
  • Science offerings (with those sometimes difficult-to-do experiments) offered to 6-18 year olds, some Writing and Communication classes and
  • NEW/RETURNING this year, a once-per-semester One-Act Play, both competitive and practice sports teams, (including Soccer in the Fall), and some extra-curriculars in Art and Literature.

The day starts with the Traditional Latin Mass at 8:15, includes 4 relaxed but thoughtful forty-five minute-long classes and lunch, all with good support for parents and good Catholic friends/peers for the young people. Classes end at 1:20, with the optional One-Act play, sports, and a Girls club to follow for those interested.

Stay for as long or as little of the day as you’d like. We’re happy to be an apostolate for many of our parish’s homeschooling families, and, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to reach out at or by contacting the director, Jacob Flaherty, directly at 612-801-5467.

Many parents already have homeschooling plans; some say we fit into a niche currently missing and some say it doesn’t work with their current plans. No worries; thanks for considering us!

Youth Group and Homeschool News

Our Youth Group (High School and College-Aged) have been meeting virtually twice-a-week to pray Vespers together and then socialize.

Our Homeschool Co-op had its first day of online sessions this past Friday. Some classes were taught live, (including two of our Catechism classes and two of our choirs) some were previously recorded, and some were given online lesson plans.

A Board meeting will be held this week to continue discussions about next school year… To that end, sacramental preparation happens on Sundays. But much catechesis from priests and sisters, solid choral work and study, and other activities, (including building good Catholic friendships with other traditional-minded young people and their families) is not possible in a strictly-virtual environment or while home alone. This is where our Homeschool Coop seeks to be a resource to you and the families of All Saints.

If you are a parishioner and NOT currently a member of our Friday Co-op program, your input is welcome and encouraged to help make this a program our parishioners want to be a part of! Please fill out the survey. Please direct any questions to Mr. Jacob Flaherty, the Director, at Thank you!

Home School Coop Fundraiser – October 21

The annual Hog Raffle, Pumpkin Patch, and Bake Sale in support of the co-op will take place on Sunday, October 21. The Hog Raffle is for two half-hogs which will be processed, wrapped, and delivered in November. Tickets will be on sale following the Masses on both October 14 and October 21 at $5 each or 5 for $20, and the winners drawn on October 21. The hogs and pumpkins support local growers, so here’s a chance to go hog wild. Please email for any questions or to volunteer.