Projects Update

  • Land survey work has been completed to allow for the architectural drawings of a potential new parish center.
  • Plans for improved drainage on both sides church are under development .
  • New insulated doors will be installed on the church in August; these doors will respect the character of the church’s front facade .
  • A mural that will serve to provide hope and serenity for the stressed is being completed in the mothers’ room.
  • A new altar and Communion rail were custom designed and installed in the convent.

Thoughtful Attire for Mass

With warmer weather upon us (hard to believe), for the honor of God and His house, and for the edification of our neighbor, kindly remember to be thoughtful in one’s attire for Holy Mass. Using the Vatican dress code as a reliable guide, while casual dress is acceptable, please be sure that all clothing has sleeves that cover the shoulders, dresses reach the knee, and shorts and accentuating attire are altogether avoided. God reward you for your attention in these regards!

Direct Deposit is now available!

Direct Deposit is now available!

Weekly or monthly donations and tithes can now be made via direct deposit! This can be done by clicking on the new “Online Giving” link. The link is user-friendly and should be self-explanatory.

  • To set up recurring donations, click the “First Time?” button and create an account. 
  • One-time “Quick” gifts are also possible through this link without logging in.
  • A ConnectNow Giving App can also be downloaded to the phone.

While direct deposit is encouraged, check and cash donations are still welcome. As the envelope system has been discontinued, for cash donations to be credited for tax purposes, please be sure to put your name and address on the envelope that is used so it can be identified and recorded. Thank you!

All Saints Lending Library

The lending library located in the convent basement is open each Sunday from 7:30-10:15 AM and accessed through the back door of the convent. The library has an excellent selection of books, especially books about spirituality, saints, Church doctrine and history. Donations can be made during the same hours.

Mini-Disk Player?

The Sisters would like to borrow a mini-disc player for the days of June 10-22. The novices will make a retreat during those days and would like to listen to conferences by Bishop Athanasius Schneider which are recorded on mini CDs (which cannot be played on a regular CD player). Please contact Mother Maria Regina if you can help. Thank you!

Mother’s Wish List

The Sisters stand in need of a few remaining items for the convent. Used items are welcome. If willing to donate, please contact Mother Maria Regina first at or at (415) 310-7598 . May God reward you!

  • Bookshelves of any kind