Direct Deposit
The groundwork is almost complete for the implementation of direct deposit.

Out of Town
Fr. Saguto will be away November 3 – 4 (for a wedding (evidently not the most opportune date, but this had been scheduled many months ago). The regular Mass and confession schedule will be observed.

Parish Center Temporarily Closed
We have temporarily suspended our weekly social time after Sunday masses until we find a new location as our current parish center has been condemned due to safety issues.

A Home for a Senior with a Senior
As the Sisters who live in the convent will be leaving by the end of the week, their long-time caretaker is also looking for a place to live where she can provide company, cleaning, and cooking in exchange for rent. If anyone knows of a senior woman who could use some able-bodied company and live-in help, please call the rectory. St. Rita, pray for us.