We have completed preliminary architectural work for the parish center. This means that we now have some idea of how large the building will be, how it will be arranged and what the cost is. Before developing our plan and signing a contract with a construction company it is necessary to do some fundraising. I will be starting this process immediately after Thanksgiving week if all goes well. At some point in December we will organize a parish wide meeting, perhaps on a Saturday, for all the adults. In this meeting we can show you the plans as we have them, respond to questions and ask you for your help in making it happen. There are a few things to keep in mind,

  1. everyone has ideas and many of them are good. However, we cannot do them all. I am happy to hear people’s ideas but please do not forget that I cannot do everything.
  2. Buildings are expensive. This parish can only do what you enable it to do so please be generous.
  3. Things take time. No doubt we all wish this building were complete NOW but it will probably be a year under construction and I do not know how long the fundraising and other preliminary work will take. Please be patient.

Thank you very much!
In Christ, Fr. Pelster