All Saints is having a Parish Mission this Lent! Preached by Fr. Cassian DiRocco, this Parish Mission will take place from Monday, February 22 to Friday, February 26.

“A Continuous Lent” February 22nd – 26th, 2021

Our Parish Mission theme, A Continuous Lent, is taken from the Rule of St. Benedict, which adjures the monk that his whole life is to be a “Lenten observance” (“omni tempore vita monachi quadragesimae debet observationem habere”).

What does this have to do with the “average” lay person sitting in the pews, or even for secular priests? Quite a lot, as there is a call to the interior life in each of us, and in fact, one can say in some sense that there is a monk “in” each of us.

How is this interior dimension, so vital to our growing relationship to and intimacy with God, to be lived according to our various states in life? It is lived through “The Art of Prayer”, an art which one never masters, but is ever pursuing.

Each evening, we will have Holy Mass at 6:00 p.m., followed by a talk at 7:00 p.m. Each talk is about an hour long.

The five days of our Mission will be as follows:

“A Continuous Lent”: A Parish Mission for The Church of All Saints

Evening 1, Monday, February 22: Prayer: The “heart” of the spiritual life

Evening 2, Tuesday, February 23: Liturgical Prayer: The “source” of the spiritual life

Evening 3, Wednesday, February 24: Scriptural Prayer: The “fuel” of the spiritual life

Evening 4, Thursday, February 25: Eucharistic Prayer: The “Daily Bread” of the spiritual life

Evening 5, Friday, February 26: Silent Prayer: The “language” of the spiritual life