Those who attend our High Mass can tell, but our Parish Choir has been in full swing. Please “note”: We would always like to grow our ranks. By working together, we’re able to offer All Saints one of the top parish choirs in the region. Famously ego-free, the sound you hear comes from a group of dedicated individuals who care a great deal about the two aims of Sacred Music:

  1. Glorifying God and
  2. Edifying the faithful who hear it

You needn’t be a professional – you only need to have an interest and we’ll take care of the rest. If you can commit to three evening rehearsals a month and to singing at our weekly High Mass and have some interest in singing/learning more about how to sing, consider joining us. Please contact Director Jacob Flaherty at j.flaherty@fsspminneapolis for more information and/or to ask questions.