On Saturday, February 1st, Sister Maria Josepha and Sister Joanna Marie will make their first profession of vows. The Rite of Profession will begin at 11 A.M., and will be followed by a Pontifical Mass. In the back of church, there are some cards with a prayer for the Sisters. In your charity, please pray for them, as they prepare for their profession of vows! They will make a silent retreat from January 24th until the day of their profession.

Please feel free to write down prayer intentions for the Sisters and to place them in the box in the back of church. The Sisters are very happy to pray for your intentions.

As you may have noticed, the Sisters have a new postulant since December 12th. Her name is Sister Verity (Huemiller) and she comes from North Carolina. We are grateful for her vocation! On January 8th, another young woman will enter: Christine Helferty from Ontario, Canada. She will be a candidate for some weeks, before she becomes a postulant. Deo gratias!