As most of you will have seen before you read this article, we Sisters now have six “white veiled” novices! It is like a sea of white veils in our convent, and, from the back, we cannot yet tell everyone

apart yet. This past Saturday, Postulant Alexandra received the Sister Bernadette-Marie, and Postulant Imelda received the name Sister Mary Imelda.

If only I could give proper expression to the depth of gratitude we have to the Church of All Saints, that is, to our good priests and to you, the parishioners? Our investiture ceremony was so beautiful, and we are grateful to all of you who made possible the ceremony: the priests, the choir, the beautifully arranged flowers, the help with the reception….and the many prayers you offer for us. It is a gift to us that the parish is able to witness the young women progress through the steps of religious life. Please pray for our youngest novices as they begin their novitiate.