Candles will be blessed before the High Mass on (Wednesday) February 2nd for the feast of the Purification of Mary/ Presentation of Our Lord. In order to have your candles blessed, please follow these directions:

  1. Your candles must be in a box that is closed and sealed with tape, if there is room inside the box, please fill it with paper or some material so that the box is solid. Please do not overfill the box, it should be flat to allow for efficient stacking.
  2. The box must be labeled with your name.
  3. The boxes must be brought to the church on Sunday January 30th 2022 (or, if truly necessary, Monday January 31st or Tuesday February 1st) and deposited on the table in the narthex (entry) area.

Please note that candles will not be accepted before these dates, neither will they be accepted on February 2nd itself. After the High Mass on February 2nd the candles will be transferred from the sanctuary to the table in the narthex (entry) area by the men of the parish, where they may be collected by you within the week.