-We are planning on a graduation Mass and party for all the high-school seniors this year on the 4th of June (time TBD). If your son or daughter is graduating from home, private or public school and would like to participate please let me know by calling the office.

-Just a brief announcement regarding the parish hall construction project: first of all, thank you very much to all who have been faithfully fulfilling your pledges. Please do continue to do this. As many of you know, we have been considering the idea of a second story which will provide space for the Sisters, offices, and classrooms. It turns out that adding a second story requires a lot of planning (who would have thought?). Right now we are waiting for updated plans from the architect, prices from the construction company, and the allimportant permission to take a larger loan from Catholic Financial Corp. I am sorry that I cannot supply you with an answer as to whether or not the second story is possible but I w I will give you an update at the beginning of May. Thank you!