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Enhanced Essential 3 and Background Check

A key to our commitment to promoting safe environments in our parishes, Catholic schools, and communities is for all persons in positions of trust in regard to minors and vulnerable adults to fulfill the Enhanced Essential 3 requirements (EE3). The EE3 relates to 1) the Code of Conduct, 2) safe environment training and 3) background checks, with re-credentialing required every three years. Your involvement at your parish or Catholic school as an employee or volunteer who interacts with children, youth or vulnerable adults warrants compliance with the Archdiocese’s Safe Environment requirements.

The entire process is done online. If you need assistance with the online process, please contact the safe environments coordinator at

 You can complete your background recheck, complete Safe Environment re-training, as well as read and sign a Code of Conduct online at

If you previously attended a VIRTUS session, please do not create a new account; you MUST log in using your existing account. The Guide for Re-Credentialing Clergy, Employees and Volunteers will assist you in this process. Once you log in to your account, you will have access to the background recheck, re-training video, and Code of Conduct within the Toolbox tab. (Note:  If you need assistance in the log on process, please call 1-888-847-8870).

If this is your first volunteer position at the church, the New Users Guide will assist you in the process. In addition to completing the background check and signing the Code of Conduct, you will also need to attend the VIRTUS training at any location within the Archdiocese.  You register for VIRTUS training through the website

You will be asked to:

Read and sign the online Code of Conduct.

Complete the online background recheck as required by your parish or Catholic school. You will be asked a few questions to update your background check account.

Renew your safe environment training by viewing the Keeping the Promise Alive training video as required by your parish or Catholic school. The video lasts approximately 30 minutes and involves 5 questions at the end of the video.

Your participation in the Enhanced Essential 3 will make our local Church a safer environment for all. Thanks for doing all that you can to protect God’s children, particularly the most vulnerable among us!

EE3 Links and Documents

The Guide for Re-Credentialing Clergy, Employees and Volunteers

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